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May 10, 2014


So I am eating soup—the same soup I've been eating the past few days—and as I'm eating it I realize I don't really want to use a spoon, because it's a a blended soup, and so I thoroughly lick off the spoon and reach out from the couch to drop the spoon onto my satchel beside me. Where there's.... another spoon. Because I did the exact same thing yesterday, and didn't remember until I saw the spoon.

The same thing happened yesterday. Where *did* I put that fork? I washed it, and then where did it end up? So I washed another one. And didn't want to put it in the drying rack for some reason. So I put it on top of an upturned clean bowl. Right next to another clean fork.

The best, though, was earlier this week when I got myself some tea. I drink a lot of tea. When I drink tea, if I use a tea bag, and if that tea bag has a tag, I tear off the tag. I tear off the tag because I don't like when it gets accidentally tugged into the tea when I'm pouring in the water, and then I have to fish the tag out with my fingers from the tea I'm about to drink. So I get up from my desk, pick up my mug, go to the sink down the hall, pull out yesterday's dry tea bag and toss it in the compost bin, get a new tea bag, pull off the tag, and read the tag while I fill my mug with water. Sometimes I like the quote or phrase on the tag. If I do, I feel like I should keep it with me somehow and read it again sometime, so I put it in my back pocket. I liked this one. I put it in. But I realized as I was putting it in that it was silly to do so because the last I remembered putting my hand in my pocket I found a mass of not-so-legible tea-tag fuzz. There was one other very intact tea tag in there, so I pulled it out.

At least I'm consistent.

Posted by beth at May 10, 2014 8:39 PM

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