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October 5, 2013

Funny Girls

I love Facebook.

It's annoying, too, but mainly I love it, and here are two reasons why, just from this week:

1) I wanted to say on our radio show on Tuesday that many (most?) scientific organizations suffered funding cuts for this coming year. It was meant to be a sort of "welcome to the next fiscal year, in the world of science" comment, and I knew UNAVCO has experienced a substantial cut in funding, and *assumed* that other orgs faced the same fate. But I didn't actually know. So, I put it out to Facebook. Crowdsourcing is the bomb. The responses from my sciency friends—a journalist, an NSF employee, a researcher and a field tech/engineer—showed the answer is more complicated than I could sum up in one statement, and I abandoned it. Lazy journalism or resourcefulness?

2) I saw a friend was listening to a bunch of Violent Femmes on Spotify (another great Internet tool) and shortly thereafter spotted my Cake CD (yep, still got some of those) on the floor of my room and thought yeah, I'm in the mood for something kind of quirky and fun. But I'm also in the mood for a female vocalist. !? Wait, what? Does that combination exist? Here's what I put out to Facebook:

Huh... are there any quirky / funny female bands out there? Or do all female bands take themselves seriously? I'm thinking Violent Femmes, Cake... is there not a market for quirky women, or am I just drawing a blank? Kimya Dawson is the only one who's coming to mind.

This is exactly the kind of query Facebookers love.

Here are the responses, in case you're curious:

The Ditty Bops
Freeze Pop
Uncle Earl
Northern State
Le Tigre
Bikini Kill
Lake Street Dive
Regina Spektor (esp. Soviet Kitsch or Songs
KT Tunsall (song: Ashes)

Now... I think most of, or many, of these are, say, spunky or sassy but not so sure about quirky and silly, or not taking themselves seriously. Some, though, yes, and all deserve a listen. I'm making my way through them on—yes—Spotify. Please, please, add to this list.

(My favorite comment, by the way, was "Cat power doesn't take herself too seriously....")

I might want to write a short piece on this, so by all means, if you have thoughts on this, please comment here, or e-mail me and rant, or find me on Facebook and rant, or whatever.

[October 10, 2013
Updated list:

Cibo Matto
Kumbia Queers
Christine Lavin ("is hilarious!! She has a song about an amoeba band in a mud puddle!")
Garfunkel and Oates

And, here's an article recommendation from my friend Nichole, which is worth clicking just for the pic with it. Awesome:

Hey Chicas! The Rise Of All-Girl Bands Across Latin America And Spain

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