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July 9, 2013

A Few Views

I no longer want to eat all the time. In fact, I rarely want to eat. It's kind of a problem. But I'll just keep grazing in the kitchen, and I'm sure I'll be fine.

But really, I just wanted to post a few pics, although I have hardly taken out my camera since I've been here. This is more of a time and place to get away from the shoulds and let go of attachments. So, the camera has mostly stayed off my shoulder. This is all I've got:

Part 1: The road to camp.
I stopped at Lake Erie State Park in New York to check out the lake. And, apparently, the rocks. Lovely.

I caught this stowaway hanging out just before I headed into the Green Arch diner in Brockton, New York, for breakfast.

Part 2: Haying.
Who wants to participate when you can take pictures of other people being burly? This was the first week at camp, before the campers came. (As if we're not *all* campers...)

Part 3: The meeting circle.
Every morning starts with silent meeting. Okay, every morning starts with chores, and then breakfast, and then silent meeting. Silent meeting is my favorite part of the day, when I can actually attend. We sit on benches in a circle around an overgrown patch of wildflowers, contemplating whatever comes up to contemplate. I'll take some shots of the meeting circle sometime soon. Ish. In the meantime, these are just a couple gems from along the outskirts.

Part 4: Home.
My cabin is called Penc. I share it with three other people: the med driver, a day camp staffer who commutes to his camp, and the rocks and ropes guy who works with all the camps. I guess I need to try to get a shot of the cabin. Here are two views that caught my eye: My own morning commute, up from the cabin toward the Farm House, and a night view of my bedside, including a braid of sweetgrass that somehow manages to outsmell the rain and damp wood.

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