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December 28, 2012

I'm Weird, Act Normal

It's sunny and snowy and bright and clear outside, and I've overslept again. My face looks tired and old, creased with sleep, but Sonora needs to go out. Judah feeds her before he goes to work, and it's my job to take her to the park to do her morning business. Sometimes lately she's slept while I've gotten up, snoring still in the bed, but today she's up with a start, ready, constantly moving around me whatever I do to indicate she wants out.

I'm wearing onesies. Last year, my brother got me footed jammies for Christmas, bright red with monkeys on the feet and one embroidered on the chest. I was delighted but soon learned they were ridiculously warm and a little bit short. Too warm, and too short. So I put them in a give-away pile. But they were still here when I needed something to wear to a holiday party, and then I realized they were the perfect thing for our frigid apartment on those particularly cold days, so I wore them last night. And this morning, I wasn't ready to change. So I put a down jacket on in hopes that 1) I wouldn't see anyone and 2) the jacket would cover them enough that I would look like I was wearing something somewhat almost normal.

We went out. Thankfully, no neighbors in the courtyard.

Sonora peed shortly after we reached the park, which was lovely. There was no one there. I walked back across the park slowly and she mostly followed, which was also lovely, and unusual. I didn't call her once. Then, she pooped, which was great too. Ah, good, you've taken care of everything you need to take care of, and you're good for the day. Then as I cleaned her poop, another dog appeared. With a person. And Sonora noticed them. And was interested. Shoot. I called her, and she didn't come. My thought was, Sonora, don't you know what I'm wearing?

I had to follow her. The person was protective, as though his dog wasn't friendly. So I had to go all the way over there, and actually talk to him. He spoke first. (I was still thinking I could get away with not.) He was friendly. (Even if his dog wasn't.) He introduced himself, despite my tired sleep-crinkled face and my funny pants--I'm sure my coat doesn't cover as much of them as I'd like. It always amazes me that people act so normal when I feel so weird. His name is Matt, and the dog's name is Salida, and sometimes she's friendly and sometimes she's not. She and Sonora played until they started snarling and barking and were on top of each other and then Matt pulled Salida away and I put Sonora on leash (still pulling to go play--she's not the best at reading signs) and Matt and I were still friendly even though our dogs weren't and we cheerfully parted ways.

I'm still in the onesies, but I don't have to go out again until this afternoon, when Sonora needs to pee again. Although I'll probably change out of them before then. Probably.

Posted by beth at December 28, 2012 5:28 PM

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OK, so when's the weird part?

Posted by: Kevin A at December 29, 2012 5:38 AM

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