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November 29, 2012

Another One?

No shortage of beautiful sunsets in Boulder of late. Will someone tell me why?

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November 26, 2012


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November 25, 2012

Sunset Namaste

Thank you whoever, whatever for this amazing sunset tonight.

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November 24, 2012

Cleaning Antennae

It will live longer, the insect in my house,
than it would outside.
But what will it do? Crawl on windows
looking out to the sky.
It's not writing its memoirs or caring for loved ones,
it's merely living. It's just alive.
Is it contemplating the cleaning of its antennae or hind legs,
is it meditating,
finding peace in its last days, hours, minutes?
It will live longer, the insect in my house,
than it would outside.
But that is it.
Do I kill it to put it out of its misery?
No. Who am I to say it's miserable?

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November 23, 2012

Turkey Day 2012

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Had an uneventful but very nice one here in Boulder. Judah's in New York, so Sonora and I and our friend Jane spent the day cozied in crafting/drawing, singin' and strummin', and eating homemade turkey pot pie. Mostly Jane and me, not so much Sonora.

[Gluten-free crust. All Jane's doing.]

[A one-pot Thanksgiving dinner.]

[Should've used the auto focus.]

[Our dinner 'altar'.]

And after Jane left for the night, a little bit of playing with the tripod and the timer.

Hope everyone was able to enjoy a few of the things they're thankful for. Time with friends, time with family, time alone, time with doggies.

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