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September 3, 2012


The most fascinating thing about Hannah's place, for me, was this:

A week or two earlier, she had discovered this dead owl in a tree on the edge of the property.

How did it die? Why did it get stuck on the branch of this tree?

I was enthralled. I actually was thinking of doing a study on it, going up every week or two to see how it was faring over time. Be glad I didn't, because there would be a lot more dead owl pictures.

Every part of it was intriguing, and I had to resist touching it. I didn't resist getting a few fingers in its under-feathers. Amazingly soft. The down was so soft that I couldn't even feel it against my skin. If it weren't dead, I would want to make a bed in it. Then again, if it were alive, I don't think that would be an option.

Hollow. Dead. Gone.

Posted by beth at September 3, 2012 4:33 AM

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