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February 23, 2012

Crazy Wind

Winds up to 93 mph in Boulder yesterday. Wildfires, power lines down, an overturned semi. And a lot of crazy hair.

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Snow Again

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February 21, 2012

Afternoon Trees

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February 19, 2012

Seeing Shadows Part 2

It's a good thing I have a cold.

Because I have a cold, I stuffed a napkin in my pocket in case my nose started running in the movie.

But then I went to the wrong movie. I intended to go to see "The Island President," which I was supposed to write up for The Boulder Stand. It turns out, though, that we had the information wrong on The Boulder Stand's site, and although I had the right day and the right time, I had the wrong venue, and didn't realize I was not about to watch a movie about the Maldives' plight as sea level rises until several minutes into the film. I thought it was a little strange that the movie started out saying it was covering the years from 1938 through 2010 and that it was motivated by Czech and Slovak involvement, but you never quite know with these things. Well, until you do.

I figured it out. I was watching a feature-length film called "Nicky's Family" about children sent from Prague to the United Kingdom to escape the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, just before Wold War II broke out. Enter the napkin in my pocket. I highly recommend this movie unless you have no desire to help other people or to be moved to try. Holy cow. Nicholas Winton was 29, went to Prague instead of on a skiing holiday, and was responsible for moving over 700 children, before their families were taken away to concentration camps. And then, he didn't talk about it. His wife didn't know until she happened upon a scrapbook 50 years later. The children didn't know, either. The story is told by one of them--a man who is now a journalist in Canada.

No more spoilers. Find the movie. See it. See if you walk out of there feeling like you want to be selfish. I dare you.

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Seeing Shadows Part 1

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