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January 13, 2012

The Learning Curve

At first when I was here, I was nervous about getting the right stuff. Then I hit a point where I was kind of in a groove, learning a lot and feeling that I had knocked off a lot of what was on my list plus some bonus surprises, and felt good about it. Then yesterday I got to that point where I realized I have so very much *more* to learn. And how can I ever do justice to a topic that I know so little about?!

[The head of the risk management secretariat for the province of Tungurahua explains evacuation decision-making to students of risk management from a university in Quito.]

I also realized that I probably won't have a chance to hike partway up the volcano. I'm to the point in my trip that limitless time is now limited--I've only got three days left here, including today.

[The virgin on the hill lights up as the sky goes dark.]

Did I mention the hostal's affinity for cheesy 80's R&B? "Secret Lovers" just gave way to "I Miss You." Gah. Has nobody told them? Should I be the one?

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