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January 11, 2012

A Little Time for Fiesta

In case you felt sorry for me, here's a shot of the folks I went hiking with Sunday afternoon:

[Volcano seekers. Unfortunately, the volcano was in clouds so we just had to imagine it.]

On Monday, I cruised all around the volcano (the 180 degrees of it that has a road, anyway) to take pictures of life and structures around Tungurahua in the context of the volcano. Unfortunately, it was in the clouds all day.

[Corn damaged by ash.]

Yesterday, I got a bunch of material from the risk management group here in Banos, which will be enormously helpful. And last night, I decided to join my roommates and some folks they had met on a volcano night tour. I was curious about what the tour would be, since the volcano is quiet right now.

We started off on a party bus (a chiva) with flashing lights and loud music. Which is all you really need for a party.

And were dumped at an overlook with a view of Banos at night and the volcano, calm but visible with a white shawl of snow. We drank a warm cinnamon beverage which was delicious so long as you didn't add aguardiente and chatted and wondered when we'd be heading back down.

They conveniently dumped us off at a club with a free drink ticket that kept us there long enough to do an orange shot together (the only option with the drink ticket) and to enjoy some more loud music and flashing lights.

And then we were on our way. My way was straight to bed. No picture necessary.

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