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November 8, 2011

It's a Better Day Already

Coffee. I grew up repelled by the taste, as most of us do. "It's an acquired taste." Right? How many times did we hear that growing up about coffee and beer, and how many times have we now said it in our adult lives? When I was a kid, I was wise. If it's an acquired taste, I said, and it's bad for you (applying this to coffee and beer both), then why would I ever acquire the taste?


Smart, right?

But, of course, things change. The social pressure of they hype, and figuring out what all the hype is about, or acquiring the taste little by little, or shifting into adult tastebuds or whatever. I began to like beer in college. (Although it took a while. Honestly. I'm a nerd. A social nerd, but a nerd.) I began to like coffee just within the last couple years.

Coffee. I still don't crave the taste, but I crave.... it. The experience. The treat. (I don't drink it every day. But even if I did, right, there's that ritual aspect to it.) *The smell.* I walk past a certain mega coffee shop every other morning on my way to class and I take it in. I love walking past. I relish walking past. I look forward to walking past. It smells like a better morning.

This morning, all of about ten minutes ago, I poured oatmeal in the kitchen and saw the small amount of coffee left over from what Judah made this morning. He almost always does this--he calls it a 'Beth-amount.' I usually don't touch it though, for whatever reason. I drink tea. I don't drink anything. Coffee. Eh. It's more of a weekend thing.

But this morning, awaking a little anxious and seeing Judah out a little depressed (it's a work day, after all), I went for it. I poured the Beth-amount of coffee into a small mason jar and took a sip as I walked to the office.

And my immediate thought, not contrived, not consciously constructed, not with pause or deliberations, was

It's a better day already.

Coffee. I don't think that with tea. I love tea--I drink it all day, spicy sweet black tea, earl gray, chamolmile, mint, rooibos--but I just don't have that same reaction. Unless it's a Tanzanian-style black with sugar and milk (special, nostalgic) or a chai latte (special) (or is it the milk? smell? caffeine?)

Anyway. I'm TA-ing an intro advertising class and I think this just proves that I should be writing copy.

It's a better day already.

Catchy, right?

Posted by beth at November 8, 2011 3:16 PM

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Yeah - wow, I'm with ya on this one. I'm not drinking coffee at the moment - today was actually my "green tea to nothing" transition day - and no headaches, which means I'm past The Worst. But it's a hole in my morning. Even bad work coffee. I think, "the only good thing about quitting coffee is knowing how good it is going to be when I start again."

Posted by: Michael Burton at November 8, 2011 9:01 PM

Why are you quitting, and if you have a reason to quit, why will you be starting again?

It seems to me that a lot of the allure of coffee is about the ritual. I mean, in Ethiopia, they have a whole coffee ceremony, for goodness sake. (A little like the tea ceremony in Japan, I imagine.) It's very social, and even when it's not social it's environmental (e.g. a cafe), and even when it's not environmental there's a personal emotional attachment that has something to do with 'this will make my day better.' It's a mega-drug. (But not all bad.) Suffice to say, it fills a big role. What can step into those shoes?

Posted by: beth at November 8, 2011 11:58 PM

Bill is currently doing his annual "coff-a-torium" Some grouchiness! I love tea, but he thinks that it's a poor substitute.

Posted by: Nelia at November 11, 2011 6:16 PM

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