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November 5, 2011


I'm going back to Ecuador! Just bought the ticket... yikes. It's always both exciting and nerve-wracking for me to book a ticket. I'm going on a trip! Oh, shit, I'm going on a trip... I hope I got the dates right... and now I have to prepare...

December 31 through January 17, the week classes start, because that's where I found the cheapest fare. Under $700--whew. Hopefully I'll get funding for this, but until (and unless) I do, I'd sure like to keep it on the cheap.

Why back to Ecuador? I have to produce a 'professional project,' the CU newsgathering master's degree version of a thesis. Like a thesis, but much cooler. Because it's a piece of potentially creative communication. (Not saying it's more important than a different kind of thesis--it's just more fun.) I will be producing an online, interactive piece about living on a volcano, using the photographs and interviews I collected at Tungurahua last year plus updated material I'll collect in January. Very exciting. If I pull it off the way I envision it, I think it will be very, very cool.

Posted by beth at November 5, 2011 2:24 AM

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