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July 4, 2011


Everything is coming up babies. Erik and Myra have a baby, Tanja and Scott have a baby, Nichole and Luke have a baby, Sarah and Sam have a baby. And Barbara and Marcus have a baby. This one:

Sebastian, or Seba, is a mover. He's a lot like Sue and Michael's Virl--tall and thin, looking a little bit more like a kid than a baby, and *busy*. Busy busy busy. He's busy scrambling, climbing, pulling himself up to standing, reaching for this or that. Barbara says he's on the go as soon as he wakes up. I think it goes something like: "I guess I'm kind of waking up now, maybe I--hey, what's that?" Reach. Army crawl. Grab, put in mouth.

He also happens to be a very smiley kid. Barb, wish you guys didn't live all the way down in Arizona. But I'm so very glad I had a chance to see you in Colorado.

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