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January 5, 2011

New Year, New Goals!

I think I've found the dividing line between Eat the Crust (new blog) and iceblog. In fact, I already have a goal for Eat the Crust: to post on all earthquakes magnitude 7.0 and larger, trying to explain why they happen where they do and anything else about them that seems interesting. So, I'll leave Eat the Crust for the geekier stuff and the stuff that I'm maybe not involved directly in but am still interested in.

iceblog will still exist as my personal blog. And I'm way behind! Like, right, yes, waaaaay behind.

Okay, anyway, check out my first earthquake post o'er yonder on Eat the Crust and tell me what you think. Actually... sure, tell me what you think, but maybe questions at this point would be better. There are things that I think I'll build up to over time that aren't there yet, like comparisons to the Pacific Northwest (my birthplace) and more detailed explanations and really awesome, hand-drawn sketches of what is likely going on that I'll need to motivate to draw and scan in (it's the latter part that's the bigger chore).

Tom, I haven't forgotten you. The GPS instruments we've installed do all sorts of stuff! Okay, maybe not all sorts of stuff, but they've contributed to all sorts of interesting projects. A GPS entry is coming up. Um... maybe once I get around to figuring out if my scanner works.

Happy, happy 2011! Judah and I headed down to some friends' house in Arizona for a stay of less than 24 hours after a drive/trip of about 48. Darn snowstorm. What did all you folks do? Hopefully something that involved less driving.

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