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November 12, 2010

Update! Big Changes!

Okay, this update is long overdue. Maybe it will help me to see if there's still anyone out there.

I took the plunge. I changed careers.

Okay, don't freak out on me. I still hope to travel and I still plan to be geeky--well, it's less of a plan than an inevitability--but I'm not directly doing the science thing anymore. At least not for now. Because... well... I love to write. And take pictures. And teach. And scheme up my own projects. So...

I am now a journalism student at the University of Colorado at Boulder. It's a two-year program--another master's--and so far, I kind of love it. I'm feeling more settled in Boulder than I have in the almost ten years I've been here (ee gads), I guess because I know I'll actually be here for a couple more years and because I'm not off traveling all the time and also, because of journalism, I'm getting to really know the community. It's pretty neat.

So before I lose any dear readers out there, I've got to say that I'll still be posting on science stuff. And non-science stuff. And the silly life-happens stuff. I'm playing with the idea of 'releasing' a new blog, that's already in the works, but I'm not sure I want to lose iceblog. The new one's at bethbartel.com and is called 'eat the crust,' and is meant to have a little more flexibility...or something... It will be hard for you to let me know what you think, since I haven't even posted anything on the main page yet, but if you head over there check out the glossary. Or the About. And give me some thoughts. I love the glossary, and plan to have graphics (probably very refined stick-figure-style sketched that I scan in) for each thing. For right now, though, it's just bare bones. Or bare words.

Hope everyone is well and that I actually get back to posting regularly. I want to do a 'who *are* these people?' series on the residents of Boulder, starting with some amusing attempts to immerse myself in the Hispanic culture here. Anyone?

Posted by beth at November 12, 2010 7:30 PM

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Beth - your travelogues have been fantastically interesting and enjoyable to read. Now that you head in to journalism, you should add video to your still photo skills (which are excellent).

I've followed your blog off an on ever since a friend, who worked a couple of seasons in Antarctica, passed along some ice blogger URLs. That, and if I remember, you started out in Walla Walla (I'm in Eastern WA too).

Look forward to your future adventures.

And ick - I too am working on a second Masters, but ironically back in the engineering field from which I started ... long story ...

Anyway, thank you for your fascinating stories.

Posted by: Ed at November 13, 2010 4:55 AM


One last plea to direct us to some articles or something that have resulted from data on the earth wiggling around in all those places where you have set up all those cool gizmos?

Posted by: Tom Horn at November 17, 2010 10:21 PM

I've been lurking and reading your blog posts since, I believe, your second season in the Antarctic, so I'm glad to know that you're still out there and looking for new adventures. I anxiously await your posts on your new pursuit.

Posted by: Michael at November 22, 2010 11:21 PM

Okay, Tom, YES, yes yes yes yes yes, I promise to write an entry on what our GPS measurements have yielded... promise, promise, promise. I'm working on a little article right now that I have to turn in, so I can't do it now, but YES, yes yes yes, I will finally and hopefully soon write that up for you! And post it here, of course. - Beth

Posted by: Beth at November 24, 2010 6:14 PM

Hi, Beth--

Wow! Great!

See, I knew that all your glamorous (& sometimes gritty, sometimes freezing) trips to places I will never go *had* to have resulted in some data.

Besides going to, you have described going on (if you know what I mean) all the continents, with plumbing or without. Also with scorpions and without, just for a little added buzz. (Gosh, I nearly made a terrible pun about incontinence.)

It strikes me that you would have been ideal NOC for the CIA, as Valerie Plame was until the Bushies outed her.

As for all those yesses (golly!), I am compelled to quote Molly Bloom in Joyce's Ulysses: "Yesyesyes, and wasn't that very both of them?"

BTW, it seems that I cannot generate a new paragraph in a comment no matter how many times I hit return.

Posted by: Tom Horn at December 10, 2010 12:51 AM

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