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November 12, 2010

Update! Big Changes!

Okay, this update is long overdue. Maybe it will help me to see if there's still anyone out there.

I took the plunge. I changed careers.

Okay, don't freak out on me. I still hope to travel and I still plan to be geeky--well, it's less of a plan than an inevitability--but I'm not directly doing the science thing anymore. At least not for now. Because... well... I love to write. And take pictures. And teach. And scheme up my own projects. So...

I am now a journalism student at the University of Colorado at Boulder. It's a two-year program--another master's--and so far, I kind of love it. I'm feeling more settled in Boulder than I have in the almost ten years I've been here (ee gads), I guess because I know I'll actually be here for a couple more years and because I'm not off traveling all the time and also, because of journalism, I'm getting to really know the community. It's pretty neat.

So before I lose any dear readers out there, I've got to say that I'll still be posting on science stuff. And non-science stuff. And the silly life-happens stuff. I'm playing with the idea of 'releasing' a new blog, that's already in the works, but I'm not sure I want to lose iceblog. The new one's at bethbartel.com and is called 'eat the crust,' and is meant to have a little more flexibility...or something... It will be hard for you to let me know what you think, since I haven't even posted anything on the main page yet, but if you head over there check out the glossary. Or the About. And give me some thoughts. I love the glossary, and plan to have graphics (probably very refined stick-figure-style sketched that I scan in) for each thing. For right now, though, it's just bare bones. Or bare words.

Hope everyone is well and that I actually get back to posting regularly. I want to do a 'who *are* these people?' series on the residents of Boulder, starting with some amusing attempts to immerse myself in the Hispanic culture here. Anyone?

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