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January 17, 2010

Puppy Play Time

My housemate, Angie, got a puppy (11 months) a month or so ago, and I got a new lens earlier this week. I decided to test both of them out.

[Meet Che.]

Sonora and Che are ideal playmates. It's possible, though, that Che has slightly more energy than Sonora.

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January 3, 2010

Moon over Marshall Mesa

A few of us had a hankering to get outside into the moonlight last night, so we did. Judah, Angie, Adam, and I, and Sonora and Che (Angie's pup) headed down to Marshall Mesa, just south of Boulder, to hike around.

Cold and beautiful! And a lot darker than it looks here! Complete with moonshadows, though.

[Adam, Angie, and Judah with Sonora and Che playing in the midst. Sonora shown as a trail of glow-collar streaks.]

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