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October 4, 2009

Fall Colors

I was fortunate enough to be invited along for a fall photo shoot this past week with my good friend Jen.

I'm shooting a friend's wedding this coming weekend and figured I could use all the practice I can get.

Jen's a pretty fantastic photographer, and is building up a landscape photography business: http://jenyuphotography.com/

She also writes and shoots a beautiful food blog: http://userealbutter.com/

Until I met Jen, I didn't know food photography was a "thing." Not until I saw her pictures. One of the best things about Jen is getting to eat her labor, but that's another topic altogether...

So Tuesday morning we set out to shoot Colorado's fall colors. Jen is meticulous. She's a researcher. (I know her through work.) She looked around online to see what other nature photographers were saying about the trees and planned our route accordingly: We'd stay in Gunnison the first night and play it by ear from there depending on the latest reports. The weather was supposed to go south on Wednesday and some stands had already reached and passed their peak, some were blown out (stripped of their leaves by wind), the colors were supposedly nothing compared to last year, and then really you never know.

Well, we got pretty lucky.

The weather held, the trees were amazing (to me, a rookie), and the county roads beckoned.

I was a little disappointed in my catch, but what can you do. Looking back over my pics I've found a few I really like, and besides, just seeing the spectacle was pretty amazing. I mean, I've never seen the largest Aspen stand in the world before.

[Jen is lovin' it.]

[The wind picked up big time Wednesday afternoon. Don't know if you can tell, but here it's blowing dust and leaves across the road.]

[Aspen party!]

Too see more, check out my flickr account:


I noticed the pics aren't as sharp as they should be on flickr, but what can you do.

Happy fall!

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