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October 20, 2008

Finally, a Fall Hike

It occurred to me about a week ago that I haven't been hiking yet this fall. And, I realized, I hardly hiked this summer. What was I up to, anyway? I don't remember *not* feeling busy... I must have just been busy with other things. Like Frisbee.

Yesterday, Sunday, I headed up to the near mountains with my friends Jeff, Jane, Bjorn, and Jocelyn.

[Jane on a rock in Lost Lake.]

Most the colored leaves have fallen, but the trees and everything else are, of course, still beautiful, and it was a near-perfect day besides.

[Lost Lake. Not sure how it got its name, given that it's now pretty darn accessible...]

[Jocelyn and Bjorn eat pizza for lunch (I had major food envy) and try to work out the riddle that Jeff and Jocelyn became thereafter obsessed with.]

We took Bjorn and Jocelyn's secret way down, making the short hike into a bit of a loop.

[Jane ties her shoes by some cool mountain stream.]

All in all, a great afternoon.

Although I must admit I was happy to get home to some cleaning. Very, very strange, but I'm on a much-needed cleaning and organizational kick. In fact..... I bought my very first ever vacuum cleaner on Saturday. I can't even tell you how excited I am about this. I think I always thought of a vacuum as something very permanent, for people who own houses and, like, take pride in their carpets and stuff. Somehow, sweeping and the occasional borrow seemed sufficient. No, it seemed like it *should* be sufficient--but no, it never was, and it was starting to drive me crazy. So I broke down, set a price limit, and set out to buy myself a vacuum. The perfect one. I was amazed to see how far vacuums have come. No, I didn't get one of the big fancy ones. I got a small, 7-lb Dirt Devil, which can easily be broken down and packed up into a small space. Perfect for the girl who never knows when she who-knows, something-might-come-up want to move.

[Houseplant I got from my neighbor. I think the fly found its own way in. I also think it died on the leaf, since it was there in the same place a day later....]

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