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August 1, 2008

Demolition Derby

The Boulder County Fair. I'd never been. But when I noticed that there was a Friday night demolition derby, I couldn't resist. Neither could about 12 other folks from around the office, Frisbee, and whatever.

[Opening remarks. Apparently one of these guys was commenting (commentating?) throughout the whole event, but up in our nosebleed seats (this was in Longmont, not Boulder, so the turnout was pretty good) we couldn't understand a word.]

[In through the gates.]


[Lost something?]

[Boot envy.]

[Game over.]

[The shirts these guys were flinging into the stands said "I got *smashed* at the demolition derby." We wanted one.]

[Getting a scolding after getting the black flag.]

[More crunching metal as the night wears on.]

[Kids race to roll tires across the arena as the cars take a break. Or, get fixed, as it were.]

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