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January 9, 2008

Restricted Travel

What a nice start to my trip! Here I am at the Denver airport, checked in and ready, and this is what has happened so far: My friend Kate picked me up at my apartment and gave me a ride to the airport. I love Kate. This was particularly nice, as though I had only two pieces to check one was a solar panel in a cardboard box (awkward) and the other was an overweight suitcase with a bit a stainless steel thrown in to make it extra portable.

This is what happened to me in line while waiting to check in: I got to overhear the lovely and inspiring conversation carried on by the three people in front of me, in which the tall, brawny, late-30s or early-40s man said, “I think all Muslims should be banned from flying.” I thought I misheard him at first, but he went on about it for quite some time to confirm his beliefs. “I'm serious. I wouldn't let 'em fly. I think they should just ban all of them. I mean, it can't be hard, just look at their names—Mohammad, ... I mean, look at who's causing all the trouble in the world.”

I felt like saying (but didn't—sorry): “That's interesting, because I hate all Christians.” Or maybe, “That's interesting, because I hate all Christians, blacks, and Jews. And while males.” I wasn't sure I'd get my point across, though.

He also said, when they'd moved on to talk about California, “It's like God made a beautiful place and then riddled it with problems.” Oh, the world, you mean? I guess I ended up in a somewhat cynical mood....

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