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December 23, 2007

Mystery Guest Revealed

Okay. Was the suspense killing you?

"What's your name," I say, pointing at her, and she says "Caitlin." "What's your last name?" I ask, and she pauses so I say "I think I know you." "No," she says immediately, "that's not possible. I just moved here, like, a month ago." "Yeah," I say, "but you were in Costa Rica on a study abroad in spring of 1997 in Golfito." "Yeah..." she says, and somehow doesn't get that I was there too.

We were two of 20. We made up 10 percent of the program, her and I.

So, small world, eh?

My friend Billy, who I know from the same program and have kept in touch with, called last minute telling me he was coming to Denver for work. I was up in the mountains for a few nights skiing, so missed him, but how fun would that have been to show up with Caitlin as a surprise, out of the blue? Would have blown him away.

And then, I get a comment from Dan, who I went to college with and who also now lives in Boulder, guessing, 'Caitlin?' Crazy.

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