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November 12, 2007

First Day in Parkfield

Here we are, at what feels like the end of a long day but really wasn't. Ellie and I were meeting Andy, our local contact, in Parkfield at 10, which means we didn't meet up for breakfast until a bit after 8 and left for Parkfield at 9. Leisurely start. Then, since it's fall and all, we stopped working around 5:30 when things were gettin' dark. How very civilized. Got back to our hotel a little after 6 and we'll soon be headed out for some dinner--with no worries of places being closed because we're getting in so late. I like this field schedule.

We started out today with a drizzle, which was a little unnerving since the rural (non-paved) roads here, by which we access all our sites, get slick, slick when when wet. So we can't work if it rains too hard or too long. We all went to the first site together, with the plan of leaving me there to work while Ellie and Andy went off to upgrade another site. Because it was drizzling, though, and drizzling harder, Andy wanted to stick around in case we'd all have to bale. So I cruised up the antenna tower to mount our antenna and got good and damp and finished up just as blue sky began to open on the horizon. So much for timing. Fortunately, the sun stayed out long enough to dry me out once I was back down.

[The GPS site.]

[The tower, post-drizzle.]

Andy and Ellie left me with a folding chair and some instructions and moved on to the next site while I ate a leisurely lunch in the sun. When it went behind a cloud, I went inside to finish things up.

[The view from my lunch spot.]

And when things were done, I met back up with Ellie (Andy had already taken off for home) and we visited another site to scope it out. Ellie scoped out our antenna mounting options.

I scoped out a tree in the waning light.

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