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November 24, 2007

A Holiday Weekend

Happy, happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope this finds everyone well and with no shortage of things to be thankful for.

I spent the past few days (Wednesday through about an hour ago) out of Boulder, in Steamboat Springs with some friends. Eleven of us rented a lovely, big house and stocked it with alcohol and food.

The house had a hot tub.

[Laurie by, not in, the tub.]

[Laurie, Dante, and Nancy, the organizer. Taking a break after all that organizing.]

There was also a bit of a yard out back, perfect for some after-hot-tub frisbee tossing.

[I throw to Dante, Tenor tries to intercept.]

[And he was making a darn good effort sometimes, too.]

The house also had a nice, big kitchen, which of course is key for Thanksgiving. As is the tradition, there was certainly no shortage of food to be had.

[Dante and John carve Nancy's turkey, while Tim's bourbon-cream gravy bubbles on the stove.]

[We gather 'round the table. And demolish the foodstuffs put upon it.]

We had all the time inbetween (and, sometimes, during) preparing food and eating it and preparing drink and drinking it to read, watch movies, play games, soak in the hot tub, and even head off to nearby Strawberry Springs (hot springs, mmmm) for an afternoon. Not such a bad way to celebrate a holiday.

Now, the cycle starts again. I want to relax, but I'm hungry, so I'll have to prepare something so I can eat and then relax again. Whew.

I just got an e-mail from Nelia, who I worked with my first season in Antarctica and who is down on Erebus right now. She wanted to share a small discovery. She said,

"We had been wondering why Ray's station hadn't been working since last April, and this afternoon found out. A direct hit by a small bomb. The receiver in the box didn't do too well, and the nearby antenna was the target of a glancing blow."

[Bill holds bombs by box. The bombs are blobs of lava thrown hot from the volcano. Photo: Nelia (presumably.)]

It happens.

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