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October 4, 2007


Yep, that's right. It's fall in the Front Range. It's apparent in everything and everywhere now. The weather has mellowed out and, most importantly, plants are doing that whole changing color thing. And the sun is offering up that great fall lighting.

[Thistles outside work.]

I decided to go on a hike on Saturday to get up into the mountains. I've done very little of that this year--go figure. It always seems like a hassle, probably because I travel enough that when I'm home I like to be *home*. But it was time to go to the mountains, at least for a drive. I headed up Left-hand Canyon and stopped to take a few shots on the way.

The gray clouds looks like they'd settled in quite comfortably for the day, and I was feeling lazy by the time I reached the trailhead, and I was hungry besides, so I actually considered just calling it good and turning around to drive back down the canyon. But it had been so long since I'd hiked, and I needed exercise, and I actually had some time, and here I was... So I decided to at least start out. The first lake, Lake Mitchell, was only a mile in. Why not.

I got immediately into a groove and wanted to just go go go. It's not so hard to do on this trail, which is my favorite--well suited for a lazy mountain-lover like myself. It's nearly flat, only a mile and a half or so to treeline, and only three miles to Blue Lake, a lovely alpine lake cupped in bedrock and quite pretty--especially on a sunny day.

[Not a sunny day. But still beautiful.]

I've been wanting to head up past the lake and explore the less traveled reaches (the area is pretty popular), but decided contentedly that today wasn't the day for it. It was chilly, and gray, and I was alone, and I'd already gotten a good dose of solitude since there happened to be no one else at the lake when I got there. Lovely. Plus, it started to snow. Time to head down.

Withing ten minutes, I turned back to see a scrap of blue sky. I could tell the strip was slowly widening, so I waited. And waited. And eventually, I could see my shadow.

But I was already set to head down, so I continued.

[See me in the shadows?]

And enjoyed the sun on the way down, and then checked out the aspens just outside the park.

Quite a nice afternoon. I forget how much I like to be up in the mountains, and then I get there and feel whole and good. I need to do more of that.

I wanted to go back up on Sunday, but I had a frisbee game in the morning. I also had a plan. I convinced my friend Larry to go on a drive up the same canyon in his convertible. Sunday was sunny. Niiiiiiiiiiiice.

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