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October 14, 2007

Another Weekend, Another Hike

Again up to the Indian Peaks Wilderness, and on the same trail as last week even, but this time with work buddies Marianne and Seth.

And, a gray day.

Or, rather, a white one. It wasn't snowing when we got there, but the mountains became more and more evasive the closer we got.

[Looking back.]

[And continuing on.]

[Marianne fell for these colorful grasses.]

[Seth standing in it.]

The trail leads to Isabelle glacier, a small and shrinking mass of ice clinging to the side of the mountains. Marianne had hiked here two weeks ago but didn't make it all the way up because rain moved in and dampened her motivation; last week, for me, it was the setting sun. This time, despite the snow that had begun to fall, we pressed on. Until Marianne threw a surreptitious snowball at Seth from behind. It wasn't the snowball so much as the sudden, loud crackle of thunder that happened to accompany it. Marianne and I both jumped. Seth probably did too. After a brief discussion, we continued on--until the next crack and rumble, for which we saw the accompanying flash of lightning...very shortly before the crack of thunder. I grabbed on to Marianne's backpack, for what that was worth, and Seth did an immediate 180 on the trail. That's it, he said. I'm outta here. Marianne and I, of course, followed.

[Hightailing it down.]

The lightning pretty much stopped there, but since we were already facing east we continued out. Not without slowing down and taking some breaks to check out all the beautiful and fascinating things around us, though. We--I think perhaps Marianne most of all--were basking in the joy and wonder of our first snow.

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