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August 3, 2007


I took some time off this past week, and where do you think I went? That's right! O-hi-o! Where else would I go?

Okay, seems strange, but there are some decent reasons for it.

First and foremost, I wanted to meet with a faculty member of The (I almost forgot the The) Ohio State University about some potential work/field work/project time. But then I also got to hang out with my friend Eric and head down to Cincinnati to see some extended family. All in all, quite a nice trip.

Eric and I started by stocking up his fridge with local-ish beer and not-so-local-ish margarita mix, christening his never-been-used blender, and trying out his porch swing. Then it was time for a trip down south.

We stopped just north of Yellow Springs (former home of Antioch, or I guess I should say home of former Antioch) on the way to Cincinnati to meet up with my Aunt Diana at a horse event. We missed seeing her ride, but got a tour of the cross-country course and of the history of the sport, and got to see a few of her students in the ring.

[Erin between jumps. Photo: Eric.]

Then, it was down south to my Aunt Beth and Uncle Ron's, where my Uncle Bill also met us for dinner. As usual, an entertaining event. Plus, we got to snack on (read: devour) some of my Uncle Ron's salsa and taste his homemade pickles, and then watch lightning bugs from their back deck overlooking a wooded valley. It's nice to be spoiled sometimes.

I was able to pass on the good vibe to Uncle Bill and Aunt Diana's pets, for which I took on the spoiled as a personal duty. Blackie, Gray, and their corgie Cali (not pictured).

[Blackie in the garden. Photo: Eric.]


The garden was the focus of Sunday morning's activities. Mostly, we just gazed at it from the front porch.

[Uncle's flowers.]

[Photo: Eric.]

And in the afternoon, we somehow motivated to head off to the other side of town to visit with the Berens family.

[Aunt Pat and I look up into the sun for a photo on the porch steps. Photo: Eric.]

[Cousin Scott's son, Simon, plays tag. Photo: Eric.]

[The gang. Photo: Eric.]

Oh yes, and I have red hair. Enough of that blonde thing. I was having too much fun.

We stayed yet another night at Aunt Diana and Uncle Bill's--this time we got to hang out with Aunt Diana, too, who was home from the horse competition.

[Photo: Eric.]

Then it was back up to Columbus and some work talk on Monday and Tuesday. It went fine, thanks, and I came back on Wednesday, and have been adjusting back to Colorado since then. I suppose I'll finish adjusting on Tuesday, when I head out to Minnesota.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (today) to my mother!!!

Posted by beth at August 3, 2007 6:10 PM

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Nice kitty shots, Beth!

Posted by: JO at August 3, 2007 10:25 PM

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