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August 14, 2007

Not-so-soggy Boggy

That's right, I went back to the bog and it wasn't as bad. It has been pretty dry for the past month, so the bog was more like a damp sponge than a saturated sponge. This was nice. It also didn't rain on us in the field (just at night), which was fantastic. So we were able to get the remaining three sites in over the course of a day and a half, which is what I'd been hoping for.

[Flying over the bog.]

[Paul and Josh unloading the helicopter.]

[A finished site.]

[GPS antenna on a stick. Sort of.]

[Detail of the bog.]

[Bogwater streaming off the skids.]

[Helo pilot Chris and helo handyman Jeff, back at the hatcheries building.]

The mosquitos had, amazingly, subsided. In their place were a variety of flies.

[Some of the guys put up a screen over a screenless window the night of a windstorm, which then became a mass grave for flies...]

And spiders seem to have taken over the bog.

[A funnel-shaped web below dried-out pitcher plants. The pitcher plants are carnivorous, like venus flytraps.]

But the creepiest thing was the note I found on the enclosure box of the Lawn Site, which is in the middle of soggy nowhere...

[The Lawn Site behind the helicopter, middle of nowhere.]

[The note.]

????? A trick played by kids? An alien? Who would be out here, who *could* be out here? I thought of the places in the Ethiopian desert where the head scientist was sure no one ever went, but then the equipment was gone so he was obviously wrong... Were we wrong about this place, too?

Or could it be that Andy and Jay, two grad students from Rutgers we worked with last time, visited the Lawn Site after we'd finished with it, to do a survey of their own? Ah, sneaky. Gotta watch out for those Jersey boys.

Josh managed to calm down enough after I showed him the note to enjoy a beer at the hatch.

And I couldn't resist taking a few more evening shots of the hand-blown glass fishy receptacles.

Hooray to a job (mostly) finished.

Back in Minneapolis, Josh and his advisor Andy dropped me off at my friends Billy and Jess' house. I got to hang out with their two-and-a-half year old, Charlie, and meet none-month old Joey. They're both pretty darn cute. Here's Bill showing what gravity can do to his baby's cheeks.

It was fantastic to see them. We had dinner together last summer in Boulder when they came through, but this time seemed much more relaxed. We looked through Bill's pictures from our college study abroad in Costa Rica, which is how we know each other, and it's hard to believe we were ever that young. Were we ever that young? Time flies. And flies get stuck in the screen.

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