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August 27, 2007

Kitties Need Cleaning Too

Back in Redmond, it was nice to take part in some of the routine parts of my parents' lives. Although giving the cat a bath isn't exactly routine. I think they went years without bathing the boy, but he doesn't seem to do so well degreasing his back as he used to. So Mom got some warm water going in the bath and stuck him on in. He's one of those cats that is actually curious about water, so the ordeal wasn't so painful--except that he was done before we were.

Okay, not that you wanted an account of my parents' cat's bath, but I like this shot. So I wanted to post it. And say "so" a lot. So there.

[Clean and damp Tio.]

Posted by beth at August 27, 2007 9:13 PM

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Ah, yes: Cat baths!

Luckily I have had good luck with my cats. They have never fought me in water. It is very disconcerting to them to get plopped in a tub of real water, but they haven't blamed me. Their reaction is more like "Mom! Save me!"

Ingrid (1987-2005) had a real fascination with water, and the whole thing was deeply confusing to her. The hot water felt good, but she knew that just on principle she wasn't supposed to like getting wet. Her pupils got huge and she complained a lot and wanted to jump out and by the end of the rinse she was growling ("I have had *enough* of this!"), but neither her claws nor her teeth came into play. Last time I bathed her, I actually stuck her head under the running tap, and she just shook her head and looked at me like "Man, so was that really necessary?"

Matilda (my Maine Coon, April 2005-?) sounds her distress call repeatedly. "Please let me out of here!" Running water frightens her; it moves & makes noise, so it must be alive. By by rinse time, she lies down on her side at the shallow end of the tub with her head up & just looks at me reproachfully. That shaggy coat of hers is every flea's delight, and she cannot understand why we have to wait until after the first freeze to prowl the back yard together. "You go out there. I can see you! We used to go out together. Why can't I go out now?"

Posted by: Tom Horn at October 4, 2007 9:04 PM

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