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August 25, 2007

Eugene for Rachel

My parents picked me up at Sue and Michael's on Friday on their way down from Seattle to Eugene. We'd all been invited to join in the festivities surrounding my dear college friend Rachel's wedding, and after my usual planning (or lack-thereof), I ended up crashing in my parents' hotel room in a fold-a-bed. Perfect.

My folks were particularly interested in checking out Eugene's farmers market on Saturday before the wedding. It's huge. I love Eugene.

[Vendor with his mobiles.]

Other college friends came down for the spectacle, and it was, as many weddings are, reunion as well as marriage celebration. I ditched my parents to sit with my buddies and their significant others.

[Heather, Jason, Karina, Emily, Reed, Conor, Jamie.]

[Rachel and her new hubby, Brian.]

After attending the farmers market and then the ceremony and then walking around the U. of Oregon campus, and ending the day at Rachel's parent's lush backyard for a bbq reception, I was sold on Eugene. And convinced that I may well move there.

[Whitties walking.]

Congratulations Rachel and Brian!

Posted by beth at August 25, 2007 9:06 PM

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I really enjoy you adventures and your photos.Please keep up the good work

Posted by: gary chivers at October 5, 2007 2:33 AM

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