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April 30, 2007

Going Blonde Again

I've decided to grow my hair out--it's cheaper and lower maintenance than having short hair, since I only have to get it cut once or twice a year and it doesn't require any goop--but I decided to do it with a little flair. Or something. So I dyed my hair on Friday night.

My biggest fear was that it would turn out orange (supposed to be light blonde). But I wasn't really that scared. I figured dying it myself was a big experiment and I can always hide it, have it redone, or just not care. Of course, it turned out a little orange. However, I prefer to refer to it as "strawberry blonde."

[This is with the dye still in, right before I rinsed it out. I look distraught, but it's only because I was concentrating on aiming the camera appropriately.]

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April 7, 2007

Frozen Rows

I go to and come back from Ethiopia and post nothing, yet here are some photos of what the flowers on Pearl Street look like right now, after yesterday's freezing rain.

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