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January 3, 2007


Back in Boulder. Back in my apartment. It’s in the same state of intense disarray that I left it in over a week ago, which I suppose is a good thing—I’d be a little creeped out otherwise. I am listening to the Mountain Music Lounge CD my parents gave me for Christmas, and thinking of the northwest. I miss it. It feels like home. I think it is home. So, who knows what will happen, and I’ve had it in the back of my mind since I moved away, but here I am thinking seriously of ending up back there. Family, lots of good friends, mountains, and lots of big, natural bodies of water. If it just had the sun that Boulder does, it would be perfect. But then, we would not have the tall, somber evergreens nor the lush, bright ferns. So nevermind.

I don’t have any photos of my trip home, unfortunately. I did take some, but not many, and only with other people’s cameras. Hopefully some of those will trickle my way. The big bonfire at Randy’s for New Years, and Mom somehow drawing a bird ornament on the Christmas tree in pastels with Tio, her cat, taking up about 7/8 of her lap.

What for the New Year? I think I’ll go with my parents’ resolution, which is to eat more fruits and vegetables. Also staying hydrated. I resolved to be better about blogging last year, and wasn’t, so I won’t risk resolving to do that this year. I’ll just try to do it. Fresh fruit and veggies, by the way. Frozen only as the exception.

I think I’ll be reading more, and I hope I’ll be writing more. I also hope to do more domestic outdoors trips. I guess that sounds funny. I meant in-country. I’m not planning to don an apron or break out the sewing in the backcountry.

Change is in the air. Hopefully. I guess I’ll leave it at that. Oh, and that I’m excited about it. That’s important, too.

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