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December 23, 2006

The Denver Dump: Part 3

The Dump was well over by Friday, but the effects still remained. I continued my solo apartment-stint through the morning, but by the early afternoon I was ready to get out. The streets were mostly clear, but there was still a good deal of slush, and plenty of snow where the plows hadn’t made it, so I decided to bus it. I headed downtown. I wouldn’t be able to do much in the way of Christmas shopping, but at least I would be getting out of the house.

I went for my usual favorite destination: The Boulder Bookstore. I did pretty well, too—only half of what I got was for me. After shopping, I spent several hours in the coffee shop next door, and met a lovely Belgian mathematician with whom to chat. I showed her my new pop-up book that Santa will be giving me, about Everything. It starts with the Big Bang and moves on from there. She pointed out that the Big Bang is not necessarily believed to be the start of the universe anymore, but whatever. Details. The pop-up book kicks butt, and will be good inspiration for one of my own I’d like to write and put together.

I met my friend Ryan for dinner and thus re-entered a world of socialization. I had kind of forgotten that there were still people doing normal things like going to parties and such. For me, it had just seemed like the world had shut down and wasn't going to start up again until after New Years. Isn't that what happens? It kind of traumatized me to think otherwise, so let's not talk about it.

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