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December 22, 2006

The Denver Dump: Part 2

My flight was still on when I checked Thursday morning. About a half an hour later, however, it was not. Bummer. Shortly after I found out, I got a message from my mom saying that she had seen it already as well, and not to worry, that they wouldn’t have Christmas without me and that we would just celebrate whenever I could get in. Thanks, Mom. I thought I’d be the one comforting her.

I joined the throngs of people dialing and redialing our airlines, getting busy signals after making our ways through the messages and automated systems. My average call time to United was about 2 minutes. This may not sound like much, but it’s a long time to wait to get a busy signal. Tara had been able to re-book for Christmas eve, which at first sounded horrible but came to sound like a steal. Nicole was told she would not be able to get out until the 25th, the day she was planning on coming back, so she just cancelled. Tim rebooked for the 26th. Laurie, like me, had not been able to get through.

[In the process of shoveling.]

[Heading out to snowboard, as seen through the snow on my balcony railing.]

[Out in front of my apartment.]

I took a break from calling to take advantage of the snow. Some of my friends had ventured out of their houses the night before by ski, so I figured I’d do the same. By the time I put on my skis on Thursday afternoon, after the snow had stopped, the from-doorstep conditions stunk. I learned that I live farther from the closest open space than I thought, so I gave up after taking my skis off for multiple street crossings, walking stretches of shoveled sidewalks, and too much gas-huffing along the slushy roads. The snow had not only stopped, but the sun had come out, the temperature had risen, and things were melting out like crazy. That’s Colorado for you.

When I got back, I finally made it through to Travelocity. The man who took my call said his supervisor would call me back within 4-6 hours with my flight options.

Several hours later, I started in on United again. I eventually did get a ring tone, and then a real live person, and then a real chance to rebook my flight. The soonest I could get out was the 26th. Actually, the guy first got my hopes up by saying there was a seat available on the 25th. I don't know whether that flight filled up while I was on hold or I had just misunderstood his Indian accent, but when he came back with the 26th ('25th or 26th?' I had even clarified several times) my spirits dropped. Poo on him. (Because it's all his fault, of course.) I thought that I would have a good attitude about the whole thing and that my mom would be the disappointed one, but I found that night that I was grumpy before going to sleep, what with a family Christmas postponed and modified and possibly abbreviated, and even maybe without a brunch. (We talked about doing Christmas Tuesday night after Aaron got off work, which wouldn't be until about midnight.) Plus, what was I going to do for Christmas here? Some friends were in town, some friends were out, but either way it was likely to be anticlimactic and/or give me the feeling that I'd already celebrated Christmas, so why celebrate again at home?

Grumpy, grumpy. Stupid storm.

Posted by beth at December 22, 2006 3:19 AM

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I hope you survived the holidays, remember how simple it was on the ice? I miss that... but then not being with your family when you have made such plans is a bit of a bummer. I hope it all works out, maybe new years? groundhog day?

Take care, keep smiling,

Happy Holidays,


Posted by: brian at December 26, 2006 3:27 PM

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