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December 20, 2006

The Denver Dump

I'd think that once I was actually in the country, it would be pretty straightforward to go home for the holidays and have a traditional Christmas with my family. Well, I made the effort, but Mother Nature did not. She said, how about a little snow? Or, a lot?

Word of the storm came to me on Tuesday. At around 4 PM, my supervisor said there were 10-16 inches of snow forecasted for Boulder starting that night at midnight. Soooo, I said, I might just be working from home tomorrow. I gathered what I needed and stopped at the store on my way home. Two lunches and a dinner, I figured, since I was scheduled to fly home Thursday evening, but I got a little extra just in case. You never know.

I realized there were a few things I wanted to take care of in the office on Wednesday after all, so I called Nicole, friend and coworker, to ask for a ride. Call me in the morning, she said, and tell me whether you think your car will make it. (My car, poor thing, isn't much for snow.)

Nicole called at 8:30 on Wednesday. There’s no way I’m letting you drive in this, she said. Yes, it had snowed. And it was still snowing. And, as they say, it didn’t show signs of stopping. A blizzard warning for the area was in effect, and Nicole said she’d been checking e-mail all morning to see if the president of our organization had sent out a message canceling work, but no luck. So we went in. A block from the office, I got a call saying the office had been officially closed for the day. Sigh.

Nicole and I did a few things at work, spending less than an hour there, and then came home. I spent the next two days straight in my apartment.

It didn’t get super windy in Boulder, and visibility was never terrible. Still, the snow kept coming down. This is what it looked like outside my apartment:

That first day, I watched two movies and did a puzzle. By the end of the night, word was that DIA (Denver International Airport) was closed through the next evening. Friends Nicole, Tara, and Tim’s flights had been cancelled, but I had scheduled my flight for 7:30 PM, thinking I would work most of the day before leaving. So, my flight was actually the first United flight still scheduled to leave. There was hope yet. I just might, I figured, be one of the lucky ones.

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