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December 27, 2006

Home for the (Belated) Holidays

I'm home! And it's raining. Okay, big surprise.

I got in last night after getting through the airport swimmingly. The beauty of carry-on only. My flight was delayed a little over an hour, but after being delayed for several days an hour seemed like nothin'. The flight was uneventful (except that I was in a row with no windows--very weird, and I felt a little like I was back on a military plane heading into cold regions. We could have been going anywhere--I mean, how can I tell? I imagined as we were descending that we were heading for Mars....) and my folks picked me up at the airport. What a nice arrival. All surprisingly smooth, given what I expected.

So, I am now safe and warm at my childhood home and am anxiously awaiting Christmas on Saturday. What? You say Christmas was.... ? No, don't be silly, Christmas hasn't happened yet. It's Saturday morning, and don't even hint otherwise. Next thing you know, you'll be suggesting that a fat man in a red suit can't fit down the chimney. Sheesh.

Happy holidays,


Posted by beth at December 27, 2006 5:04 PM

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