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December 24, 2006

And Then it was Christmas Time

I continued my social trend through the weekend. Ryan helped me dig my car out, and Larry came to hang out in Boulder. Actually, we were going to go see the black hole movie at the IMAX in Denver, but it wasn't playing anymore :(. So we had drinks with Nancy instead. Then I went to a Christmas party with Larry and we closed it down. Suffice to say that I was not without things to do being stuck here in Boulder this weekend.

[Ryan surfs the cardboard we are using to smash down the snow behind my tires.]

[I tried to get my hair to match the mohawk Ryan insisted that I keep on my car.]

And then came Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve didn’t feel like Christmas Eve, but it was a nice day just the same. I gathered my ski gear and stopped off at Whole Foods for some treats and headed over to Laurie and Tim’s, in Lyons (just north of Boulder). We drove up into the hills to ski (me) and board (them), with the idea that we’d hike up and carve down. I imagined we’d be alongside a road, not ideal but easy access. I was wrong. We walked (them, on snowshoes) and skied (me) and walked and skied and walked and skied, while their dogs ran and ran and ran and ran and ran (up and back and up a ways and back and up and then back again), and never even made it to the base of the bowl. We were exhausted. Laurie’s back hurt. My feet hurt. Tim was getting frustrated. Where’s that darn bowl? This is pretty and all, but it might be time to turn around.

It’s good that we turned back when we did, because the sun was going down. Not dangerously so, but enough that there were mild sunset colors for us to gaze upon as we glided out. The trip out was lovely. The sky, and the rocks, and the snow, and the trees, and being able to glide and glide and glide…. I was shocked when I saw the truck. Shocked, and nothing less. A little disappointed, too. So soon? Most of the way up, I'd been fantasizing about the cheese and hot drinks and hot showers and couch and such we had waiting for us at home, but this ski out was really fun. Down really *is* faster than up.

We got home to their place and took those hot showers and baked the stuffed brie that I had brought over and heated up the Italian rustic bread that I brought over and opened up the olives that I brought over and proceeded to stuff ourselves while working on a puzzle. Then we all lamented over stuffing ourselves, because we had no room for dinner. Everything that I had brought was just supposed to supplement what they already had. Finally, around 9:30, Tim cooked the scallops. And wow. I am now a scallop fan. I’ve never been a scallop fan, but now….if everyone could cook scallops like Tim did, I’d be eating them all the time.

And then we indulged in everyone’s favorite Christmas Eve tradition—watching “Dodgeball.” AND eating apple pie and ice cream. (I got the apple pie for free because the cashier at the very very busy store didn’t want to figure out the cupon. Hooray!) The movie reminded me of my crush on Vince Vaughn, so I floated on thoughts of him into my soft slumber….. Or, maybe it went more like: lay down, think “I think—,” sleep.

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