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August 31, 2006

Last Days in the Field

Everything went remarkably smooth in the field. Kevan is the field master. Nice job, Kevan. Out of 11 sites, all 11 are upgraded with new equipment and are sending data back to the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. The data are used to better understand Kilauea’s plumbing system, and can also be used to warn of heightened or a change in activity.

Here are some shots from our last two days in the field.

[Kevan jackhammers, Maurice drills, I tinker.]

[Kevan hands the jackhammer off to Dan, with some instruction.]

[Park archeaologists survey a site nearby.]

[A break at the cliff's edge.]

[Unfortunate eel.]

[Volcanic garden.]

[Kevan and Maurice work on the WiFi antenna for transmitting the data back to the Observatory.]

[Hawaiian-style offroading.]

[Dan in front of a lava-draped pali, or cliff. In this case, a fault scarp.]

[The effects of volcanic gasses on hardware.]

[Group effort, last day in the field: Maurice, HVO volunteer Summer, Kevan, and Dan. Not picture: myself (taking picture) and Mike Poland, out of the frame to the left.]

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