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August 28, 2006

Back to Work

Week two of work has been a lot like week one. Monday was spent in-house prepping for the rest of the week, and Tuesday we were back in the field again. Kevan, Dan, and I went to upgrade a site at a geothermal plant.

This is what we found:

I know it’s hard to see, but there is a GPS antenna under the tarp. Generally, putting things over a GPS antenna is a bad thing, since GPS works by the antenna receiving signals from satellites. So we asked them to move the tarp. For the time being, though, it was nice to have a rain shelter and then, when the sun came out, shade.

After working on the site, we detoured to Lava Tree State Park, where I didn't actually take any pictures of lava trees.

The very impressive trees, according to Kevan, are evil. Evil? Why? He said they become waterlogged and lose their big branches. He said that every day, branches have to be cleared from the roads lined with these guys. (The trees are not native, by the way.) Shortly after he told us, we passed a sign that warned “Falling Branches”. And after walking through the park, we believed him.

That night, I went on a little drive and took a few photos.

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