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February 11, 2006

The Mission

On our way back to the hotel, Chris took us by the San Miguel mission, much of which was closed off due to earthquake damage. While Chris made work calls on his cell phone, Ryan and I looked around. Being a geek, I indulged in a little photo shoot.

[Earthquake damage.]

[Note design on cross, if you can make it out: Feathers.]

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February 4, 2006

Site 3: Derek's Place

Site 3 was also very cool, and we got to hang out with the landowner, besides. And, he even posted a comment on my blog already. Hi, Derek!

We started the site with the usual team, but as soon as the drilling was done, rather than finishing it up (installing the equipment), moved on to the next site to drill so the drillers could go home, and then we came back later to finish up Site 3 with Chris and without the drillers after we were finished with the fourth site.

[Chris digs a trench for the antenna cable.]


[I got my shirt special for Ed. It says: Do not question me!]

[We're done! Ryan sings "All I wanna do is have some fun" along with Cheryl Crow. And me. But nobody has a picture to prove it.

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February 3, 2006


I really liked the shed that was up on the top of Flattop Mountain. I think the guys thought I was weird, but that's all right. I still like the shed.

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February 1, 2006

Site 2: Flattop Mountain

The second site was my favorite. It was a big wow. The topography, the geology, the paleontology. Flattop Mountain. Ranchland. Plains and then low, aligned ridges, rock layers folded into mountains, and, on the other side of us, rolling hills. The rocks where we were drilling full of gastropods (spiral-shelled critters, like snails), and the rock just down the ridge full of bivalve shells (like clams). The next day, the drillers got to take a little tour to a spot with fossil sanddollars. We saw the sun set, we saw the sun rise. (And yes, spent the night at a hotel in between.) Watched the cattle run in front of the drillers' truck as they headed down for the night, looking like they were hearding the cattle, which I guess essentiall they were. All in all, Site 2 was very cool.

Not only did I do a photo shoot of the shed up here, but of the drilling process, as well. The drill rig's pretty cool.

[Mike in his rig.]

[Ed fills the steel legs with grout.]

[Ed, Ryan, and Mark feed rebar down into each leg for extra strength.]

[Cowboys Ryan and Ed. Contemplatin'.]

[Leaving the site not-quite finished.]

[I work on building a cable the next morning. Photo: Ryan.]

[Ryan punches the site name into the steel.]

[The green patch in the middle is a cow oasis.]

[The finished site.]

[From a different view.]

[The drive down.]

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