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October 19, 2005

Site Maintenance

It's very rare that I see a sunrise. I'm not an early morning person. But the light was distinctively morning light when I got up and headed out of the hotel to load up my rented SUV, and as I turned the corner of the hotel towards my car I saw that burning ball of red just rising up over the low hills. And then, heading back to the hotel to get my breakfast, there was the moon. Paper-thin and big and translucent white, stuck up there in the lightening blue sky.

We headed off to a site in need of a bit of a face-lift. We needed to relocate the solar panels (moving them from ridiculously high to a more managable height) and swap out the receiver.

[Dain and I work to remove the old solar panels.]

When it became clear that I was (for the time being) superfluous, I hopped the barbed-wire fence and went for a little walk.

[View back at the site.]

[View out away from the site.]

[Swirly rock. It's volcanic.]

[I became fixated on the shadows of the grasses on the rocks.]

We finished up our work there later than anticipated, and Dain's time was out. He needed to be back west for a meeting that afternoon. So, he took off and Chris and I headed to the next site to weld on the solar panel mounts so that Dain could do the rest at his leisure.

The site, as was already known, had been completely vandalized.

The only thing of interest left in the enclosure box (normally housing the receiver) was a bird's nest.

The dome protecting the GPS antenna had been broken off the mount and the antenna removed.

Nearly everything was stolen or destroyed. But, the site is in a good location as far as data go, so we're going to rebuild it and hope for the best.

It was also a nice spot to take a break and watch the sunset.

[Boy and dog.]

After the sun had set, we saw a glow over the hill in the opposite direction. So we headed up that hill and watched the moon rise as we climbed. It was a sunful-moonful day.

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