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October 20, 2005

Site 2

Chris and I moved on on Thursday to site #2. Another install, just like we'd done Monday and Tuesday.

[Me drilling a hole for one of the four monument legs. Photo: Chris.]

We worked through the day, taking a break at sunset to take in the surroundings.

[Photo: Chris.]

[My shadow. I look like I'm eating an apple (as Chris pointed out), but I'm taking a pictue. Ummm....this one.]

The coolest this about this area is the tufa towers. You know, tufa towers. Okay. So.... this whole valley used to be one big lake, up to over 600 ft deep I think, and the area was hydrothermal besides. So mineral-rich fluids leaked up through the lake floor and deposited their minerals, building up big towers over the vents. The lake drained away, leaving the towers behind. So now rather than being several hundred feet under water, they rise up to 100 ft or more towards the sky.

[Tufa towers in the distance.]

We worked until after sunset, but then got ourselves some snacks and headed out to check out the towers by moonlight since I'd be leaving the next day. Very, very cool.

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