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October 23, 2005

Fright Flight

I worked with Chris to finish the site on Friday, but had to abandon him halfway through the day. That was a big bummer, since we weren't done with the site yet, because in my experience it takes more like three times (rather than just two) as long to do field work alone. So while Chris was left to finish the site alone--Anza doesn't really contribute much, the brat--I headed off to get stuck in indefinately stopped traffic behind an accident on 395 and ended up missing my flight anyway. I caught a later one on standby and made it into the Denver airport around midnight. Which means I got home to my apartment around 1:30. Which means, after getting ready for the next day, I got to sleep around 2:30.

My friend Kevin picked me up at 7 AM. We drove to Larry's house and ironed fun things on our tee-shirts. Kevin's said, "I'm stupid!" Mine had a view into a tiger's jaw on the front and a threatening-looking tiger on the back. That, and Kevin burned holes in his shirt and I put slashes in mine with a razor, and smeared fake blood along them. And put fake skin on my face and neck in long slashes, filling in an indentation down the middle of each with fake blood. I don't have a good picture of it, but my opponents and teammates alike said I looked really creepy. And gross. Sweet.

[Kevin and me.]

Right. So why did we do this? Fright Flight, a costume tournament held in Fort Collins, CO every year. Ultimate frisbee. Each team has a theme. Ours was Darwin Awards (although our team name was, officially, Hold Muh Beer and Watch This--also fitting with the theme, if you think about it). You know, the 'award' given in recognition of people who die doing stupid things. I was dressed as a guy who, with a friend, thought it would be a good idea to (while drunk) try to put a garland around a tiger's neck at the zoo. Turned out to *not* be such a good idea. Kevin was a guy who tested the water level in a tanker truck with, not having a flashlight, a lighter. The water clears the tank of flammable gas. Turns out the water level was not high enough yet.

Justin (AKA Chicken Bone) dressed as a guy who had been told in his martial arts class that with his new skills he'd be able to take on wild animals, and he decided to try it on a lion at the zoo. But the lion wasn't alone, and all that was found of the guy was two arms. It's hard to play frisbee just as two arms, so Justin left himself intact and just tucked a stuffed lion into his belt.

[Another team theme was the Titans. I just thought it was funny to watch a Greek soldier put on sunblock.]

Our team motivating cheers were things like, "Stupid stupid stupid!"

[Team Zezo (sp?), taking their theme from "Life Aquatic", treated each team with a pinata after the game. Ours was filled with chocolates and nasty lemon-vodka shots.]

We played frisbee some, but we were really bad, or I guess maybe just everybody else was a lot better, so we focused on other things.

[Gin swish. A little gin, a little tonic, a lime if you've got one, and a little swish.]

Saturday night, there's a party. I was super tired. I was so tired that I resorted to cuddling up to Larry's JATO which he made out of foam to compliment his costume as a guy who attached jato (jet-assisted take-off, little rockets used to assist C-130s taking off from e.g. soft snow or short runways) to his Impala and jetted into a cliff (urban myth, but still funny). Larry's JATO looked suspiciously--actually, blatantly, although it was never the intention--like something else.

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