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October 25, 2005


I'm iiiiiiiiin Calfornia! I was here all last week, then back in Colorado for the weekend, and now back in California. Kind of crazy. I meant to post all sorts of great blog entries, but... the road to hell, as the saying goes...

But here I am, killing some time while the folks I'm working with organize. UNAVCO has a main office in Boulder, and also five additional regional offices for a project we are in charge of (which more than tripled our size), called PBO (Plate Boundary Observatory) which consists of installing over 800 permanent GPS stations and a handful of strainmeters throughout the western US, including Alaska. Last week, I was working for the regional office based in southern California. This week, I'm in northern California. Two staffmembers from Boulder and two from So. Cal were also in town here for a meeting, so tonight we barbequed elk steaks brought out from Colorado by Kyle, our permitting guy, and we gorged ourselves. Good stuff.

I'm going to back-fill, so stay tuned.

Posted by beth at October 25, 2005 3:09 AM

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Hey Beth,

Remember me, Kirsten Carpenter? I can't believe how small the world is, but I think we were in Boulder at the same time at one point. (I was there at CU for grad school 2000-2002.) I love your blog! I've actually been reading it occasionally for the past year, but never posted a comment. (I don't know why...) You have such an adventurous life! I'm very proud of you...

Go Lions! Go Kangs!

Posted by: Kirsten Thompson at October 25, 2005 9:12 PM

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