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September 9, 2005

Field Work

We installed our first two sites, which were just out of Pahrump. And this is how our work went.

When we came to a site, it looked like this:

When we left a site, it looked like this:

Sites are usually back off the main roads on dirt roads on BLM land.

Nevada is a funny place.

I was really hoping to see a desert tortoise during our stay in Nevada, but no luck. So sad. I mean, how cool would that be?

After finishing the first site, RUMP, we stopped in town for lunch and headed off to do a second site, SIXM.

There was already another truck up at the site, which surprised us. Two cousins and one's son, from town, were up there to target practice on a piece of cardboard. We made fast friends, but I was glad we happened to have earplugs with us. Ah, working in the boonies.

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