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September 6, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

I decided a week or two ago that it’s time to get to know Colorado. I realized how little I know about where I live and became interested in Colorado’s natural and human history. So, although I’m leaving tomorrow for a few weeks for work, I couldn’t resist going backpacking this weekend with my friend Nicole, from work, and some friends of hers. We left Boulder Saturday morning and got back early this evening, and inbetween the two hiked the Gore Trail through part of the Gore mountains.

The Gore mountains are made up of metamorphic rocks (rocks that have been changed by heat and/or pressure, in this case deep under the Earth’s surface) which were exposed by erosion as the whole area was uplifted. The rocks were then sculpted by glaciers that have long since melted away.

[Rock sculpted by glaciers.]

[The gentle U-shape of the valley just right of center is a tell-tale sign that a glacier has been here.]


And that was Labor Day weekend, 2005.

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