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September 11, 2005

Death Valley

I love Death Valley. I was in Death Valley shortly after heading down to the ice for the first time, and the first picture I posted on this blog was taken in Death Valley. Extreme environments, I had said. Being at this site, Roger Peak, reminded me a lot of Antarctica. In fact, much of my desert experience did. No trees, the rocks are fascinating and exposed in big mountains, and there is a raw quiet. I love it. The place IS the place, it's not the people or the constructs. The place is overwhelming, and empty of almost everything except the elements and time.

Up top Rogers Peak was cold. After days of shorts and tee-shirts and air conditioning, we were donning hats and sweaters and coats and gloves. The air was dry and cold, and would be the perfect training ground for typical Antarctic summer weather--the place felt exactly like a warm, calm day in the far south. Amazing.

It seems fitting that, since my blog started with Death Valley before my first trip to the ice, it should end with Death Valley after my last. But it's not going to. Unless this isn't the last of either of those places.

Posted by beth at September 11, 2005 12:11 AM

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Hi: Fantastic pictures from an area I've never seen. You are right about the isolation and the peace and quiet must be great. The area I live in PA. is becoming too developed in building houses and condos. The deer and other creatures have no place to go. It's called "fragmenting forest" as the deer have to cross roads & other residential/
commercial area and are often killed.
Are you an engineer? Just was wondering. A friend of mine worked for Westinghouse as an engineer and helped with installing satelites for the company. I'd appreciate a reply if you have the time! What are the photos you sent via e-amil show you are working with- satelittes?
Criss (in PA.)

Posted by: Mary Janovick at September 20, 2005 4:35 PM

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