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September 7, 2005

Basin and Range

Another month, another project.

Due to a switch-up at work, I got put on a project to install a bunch of permanent, continuous GPS sites in and around southern Nevada with Jay, another UNAVCO engineer. The project is called the Yucca Mountain Expansion project. Does the name Yucca Mountain ring a bell? We'll be working partly within the weapons test site in Nevada--a restricted area, I learned today, the size of Rhode Island.

We're driving two vehicles--a ridiculously large white truck owned by UNAVCO (a Ford F-250), which is what I'm driving, and a ridiculously even much larger Penske rental for transporting all the equipment, driven by Jay. I'm glad he wants the big rig. Even in big white, I'm taller than anything on the road besides real trucks (e.g., semis) and need tons of space in which to turn and don't fit into a normal size parking space. Sheesh.

[Our travelling wharehouse: The back of the Penske truck, loaded with GPS gear.]

On Tuesday, we drove from Boulder to ....er.... where did we end up? Green River, Utah. Beautiful drive. Glenwood Canyon = awesome.

[My start picture. I was trying to raise an eyebrow to look doubtful, but I just look grumpy.]

[A lame picture of Glenwood Canyon. Doesn't do it justice.]

The sun set on us once we got to Utah, but the moon was enough to keep me going. A sliver, straight ahead.
Here's my attempt at a picture of it, while driving. I know, I know, I shouldn't take pictures while driving. I didn't look through the viewer, though, which is partly why the picture stinks. I don't even know which bright spot, if either, is the moon.

Posted by beth at September 7, 2005 1:10 AM

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I live in Pa. and somehow way back I thought it'd be interesting to read about your "adventures". Since I'm interested in the environment( and what the government is doing with our tax money among other things), I occasionally read your e-mails.I was wondering what kind of work/educational background do you have? Engineering?
Your photos of the canyon weren't really that bad.I love the scenery from the movie "A River Runs Through It." Have you seen it? It's worth the time.
I am writing this at an ungodly hr. in the a.m. as I fell asleep last nite too early and am now wide-awake. Bye, Criss

Posted by: Mary Janovick at September 9, 2005 9:30 AM

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