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September 16, 2005


Not all the directions on how to get to the sites were quite as clear as they could have been, so we didn't get quite as early a start as we'd hoped. Jay rushed to get his usual part of the labor done, and took off as soon as possible to meet with an internet provider in St. George. It might take four hours or more to get there, I'd said when looking at the distance between the two sites. It won't take more than four hours, Jay said, as in no way. He looked it up on his computer navigating program. 3 hrs, 59 minutes.

I finished up the site after Jay left, working at a relaxed pace but then running into several problems which cost me quite a bit of time and frustrated me besides. So I didn't get out there until about 5 PM, hours behind Jay. I made it to St. George shortly after he had already left, again doing what he needed to at the last site and then hitting the road. I got in after dark, so decided to get a decent sleep and finish the site in the morning.

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