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September 15, 2005

Almost Done

In a bold and ambitious move, we checked out of our hotel in Pahrump Thursday morning. We headed off to a storage unit we have obtained several days earlier in which to store all the leftover equipment, and made sure we had everything we needed and were leaving everything we didn't. Only half of the monumnets were in, so we could only put half the network in, leaving the rest of the equipment for the time when the other monuments are done.

After we were done at the storage unit, we headed off to site BATM and finished it up, and went back briefly to site Shoshone as well, just to confirm that the telemetry (via cell service) would not work. Weak cell signal, not good enough. So, we hit the road. Drove back to Pahrump to get the Penske, which we'd left parked behind a pizza joint. As we organized our vehicles, a group--presumably a family--chattered and fussed outside the restaurant near us. Every member had a bike of some sort, which I didn't pay much attention to until they headed out. As a parade. A parade of bicycles and various motorbikes, mostly low-riders, including a low bike ridden by dad with a child trailer attached. Rev rev rev. Headlights on. The made a mostly single-file circle around the pizza place before heading off down the road. There were at least five, probably more like six or seven, of them, and multiple mullets. Pahrump. Sweet.

Jay and I both made it to Kingman, Arizon, which was the jumping-off point for our next site. We were shooting for a pretty early start the next day, hoping to get site KAYO in and then drive to St. George, Utah, to get started on a site there, as well. Optimistic.

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