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August 30, 2005


I haven't said anything about my frisbee team, but not because I don't love it. I just didn't have any good pictures until now, because I didn't take any pictures at all. Luckily, a lad named Chris Newman took some GREAT pics of one of our last regular games of the season, before the end-of-season tournament.

When I say frisbee, I am referring to ultimate frisbee, a game played 7-on-7 on a field about the size of a soccer field. The goal of the game is to score the most points. To get a point, a player on your team must catch the disc (frisbee) in the end zone opposite where you started. There is no running with the frisbee, so the game is a lot of running to get open and precise throws. It's tiring. It is often played just for fun, and casually, but if you think no one takes it seriously you're wrong.

I mean, for example, how often do you see me looking this serious? Get past the silly get-up, and check out the expression....

It's actually pretty funny that he got a picture of me throwing, because I don't do it very often. I don't throw so good. I run and catch like a dumb golden retreiver. I like to do this in the end zone best (for a score), so I don't have to throw it.

Larry can throw, though.

And Jeff can catch.

And so can Matt.

And Jeff again.

We won a lot of games this season. In fact, we didn't win all of them, but we didn't lose any, either. We tied three and won the rest. We had a great team. Most importantly, we had a fun team.

[Go KaBLUEy!]

After the game, we cheer the other team

[Getting ready.]

[Setting up.]

Then, we gather our things and head to the pub to share a beer or two with teammates and friends from other teams.

[Gathering. Larry, Skip, and I chat after the game. Chris, the photographer, is on the right.]

[Larry, Lynette, ??, Radar, Ray. And beer.]

Playing frisbee is fun.

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